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Snel is a full-service outsourcing partner for the production of packaging and loyalty campaigns.

We process paper, cardboard and plastic. With our skilled staff and versatile 'state-of-the-art' machinery we are ready to take over production in the event of malfunctions, machine maintenance or a shortage of capacity.

For companies that consider outsourcing as an integral part of their production plan, we are a strategic partner with a structural contribution to the operating result.


About snel

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Snel is a team of flexible, customer-oriented professionals in the field of cardboard packaging. The knowledge and experience of this team, combined with modern and efficient machinery, leads to extensive processing capabilities of cardboard and plastic. Read more..


Your contact persons

The organisation at Snel is flat in design, which means every employee is given as much responsibility as possible. This makes the entire organisation aware of our customers' expectations. Do you have a question? All you need to do is ask our team.


Satisfied Customers

We continuously measure customer satisfaction against an NPS score. If you have experience with our services we look forward to receiving your feedback. Our current score is a:


Quality Assurance

Snel has been ISO 9001 certified for over 25 years. In addition, we constantly talk to customers about their quality standards and requirements. Of course, the operators and packers have a keen eye for product quality, aided by the latest technological support from code readers and glue detectors. In addition, all orders are looked after by quality inspectors. Read more..



At Snel, social responsibility translates to paying the appropriate attention to employees, respecting our environment, and continually investing in our production facilities so that we can continue to serve our customers well. As a contribution to responsible forest management we are FSC® certified (license number FSC-C155174). Read more..


Hygiene / BRC AA

Snel has been certified by the BRC (British Retail Consortium Institute of Packaging) ever since 2006. The BRC standard applies primarily to the production or processing of food packaging. Thanks to this certification, we maintain the highest standards of quality and food safety for all our food packaging. Read more..

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Key benefits

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Improved efficiency and flexibility for your production organisation
Snel will make you stronger

The lead time of a production organisation increases exponentially as capacity utilisation increases. 90% utilisation leads to a doubling of the lead time compared to 80% utilisation. The costs involved in rush orders, interrupting and restarting work, overtime, extra required space, complaints, rescheduling, work in hand, operating costs, etc. are considerable, and are often hidden. This puts pressure on delivery time and reliability, as well as on quality.

Outsourcing of production provides insight into the process and cost reduction in the own organisation. Customer satisfaction will increase instead of decrease. This also applies to competitiveness and the final result.

Lower investment pressure and lower fixed costs
Making costs more flexible is a proven success factor. With Snel you can activate this formula.

The optimum machine and production capacity is highly variable. Market conditions and customer preferences are constantly changing.

Investments require financial resources, funded either with equity capital or borrowed capital. These funds are then no longer available for innovation or other activities to boost the company's turnover.

Machine capacity also leads to higher fixed costs. For many companies, these fixed costs make the difference in the long term.

Lower maintenance costs for machines and for your organisation
Snel takens care of the costs and worries.

Machines require repairs and maintenance, often to be carried out by third parties. This is not only expensive; it also makes production (and therefore delivery reliability) dependant on the (ad hoc) availability of these third parties.

Your organisation also requires maintenance. Recruitment and selection, training and outflow of staff are costly aspects of running a business. Working overtime and using temporary staff are often necessary to adapt the production capacity to market fluctuations. The costs are considerable and often hidden, especially when the indirect consequences (quality, absenteeism, etc.) are taken into account.

Responding faster to opportunities and changes in the market
With Snel your success rate with your customers will increase.

Customers are becoming more demanding. The variety of packages increases, while batch volumes decrease and the requested delivery time is getting shorter and shorter.

The packaging industry is often order-driven, and holding stock is rarely possible.

Outsourcing production leads to a significant reduction in lead time. This enables a rapid response to market developments, such as a sudden increase in demand.

Direct access to versatile machinery offers many possibilities to respond to market opportunities by offering innovative solutions. Especially when using the existing skills and experience available at Snel.

Immediate availability of expertise and qualified machines
Collaborating with Snel ensures that the right people and machines are available at the right time

The technical possibilities of cardboard packaging are endless. Production often requires special parts, peripherals, or a new machine. Long-term commitments are rare in the packaging market. As a result of this, the capacity for recovering investments is uncertain.

In addition, machine performance depends heavily on the operators. Their skills and commitment have a direct impact on performance and therefore on competitiveness. Continuity is also a prerequisite for achieving and maintaining the skills level in the organisation.


for your packaging

With Snel as a production partner, you will have a wide range of machines available on demand, fully up to date and extendible with special peripherals for special jobs. The technical possibilities are virtually unlimited. For each order we select the right machine, taking into account the complexity and volume of the order. But the real strength of our services are our employees. Our well-trained and motivated staff offer the required expertise and commitment. They are ready to take on every challenge, with a rock-solid belief in a good result.


  • maximum sheet size 820 x 1130 + 1020 x 1420 (mm)
  • separation & embossing is possible
  • 70 gr. paper - 1200 gr. solid board
  • corrugated cardboard up to 3 mm
  • plastic: e.g. PE and PP
  • food safe
  • purchase and storage of die cut tools possible


  • up to 2-lane separate
  • possibility of in-line pick & place and folding & gluing


  • up to 1100 mm double lane with crease cut unit up to 240µ plastic
  • up to 1400 mm double lane
  • possibility of in-line window patching and folding & gluing
  • processing of loose window material and from a roll
  • window material supplied or from our stock at Snel
  • possibility of gluing film in tissue boxes


  • up to 4-lane
  • possibility of two-compartment trays, optionally with lid
  • plasma equipment is available for gluing difficult surface areas
  • purchase and storage of tray forming blocks possible
  • Outer cartons supplied or from our stock at Snel


  • folding carton, solid board and corrugated cardboard
  • automatic bundling of boxes
  • straightline, crash-lock, four- and six-corner boxes, etc..
  • high speed production of straightline and crash-lock packaging
  • gluing with cold glue, hotmelt or a combination
  • automatic glue control and code detection
  • plasma equipment is available for gluing difficult surface areas
  • possibility to apply tape & tear strips
  • possibility to bundle and seal in plastic film using shrink tunnel
  • various peripheral devices such as friction feeders for high speed feeding of flat products
  • Outer cartons supplied or from our stock at Snel

This is a short overview of our options. If you have any questions or if you would like our advice, a quotation or an appointment, please let us know.

Die cutting
Pick & place
Window patching
Tray forming
Folding & gluing


what we are good at

The different types of packagings that we have produced, is infinite. We offer endless solutions and are familiar with many types of cardboard and other materials. Here you will find some samples of our comprehensive programme. Do you have a question? Please do not hesitate, just let us know.We will come back to you as soon as possible.


gebak catering



Ready-meal sleeves

groene fruit

Vegetables and Fruit



konische bakjes

Conical Trays





There are many different types of food packaging. We provide a great number of different solutions, ranging from noodle boxes to ready-meal sleeves and burger boxes. All of our products meet the BRC standards, guaranteeing food safety.





Each beverage has its own unique character. To enhance the beverage’s appearance on the shelves, it is important that the packaging supports its character. Our beverage packaging possibilities are nearly endless.


There are many different types of food packaging. We provide a great number of different solutions, ranging from noodle boxes to ready-meal sleeves and burger boxes. All of our products meet the BRC standards, guaranteeing food safety.

beauty verpakking




Cosmetics packaging is all about appearance. As with pharmaceutical packaging, the communication space is often restricted by the limited size of the primary packaging. However, there is often a large demand for information. We have the knowledge and capability to provide a solution.





With the increased number of online shops, products are increasingly being sent to customers via mail or parcel services. The demands placed on the packaging are often very high. The experience of the customer upon receipt and unpacking (called the unboxing experience) has a direct impact on customer satisfaction and, therefore, return sales. Snel offers many opportunities in this area.


Corrugated Cardboard Boxes


Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

Can be produced in many different variants and are therefore suitable for many different applications. Often the best solution for transport and storage.





Snel has already offered solutions to many different problems in the field of cardboard packaging. Our combination of capabilities will bring your packaging one step closer. A box with special compartments? No problem! A handle and a window, curved around the left and right corners of the packaging? Easy! A shipping container that must provide the wow-factor during unpacking? We'll take care of it! You tell us what you need, and we will come up with a solution.


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