In general:

  • Processable materials: 70 gr. paper – 1200 gr. solid board
  • Corrugated board up to 3 mm
  • Foodsafe  
  • Cutting, stripping and blanking in one go
  • Embossing
  • We use the tools as supplied by our clients or take care of the purchase of new tools
  • Storage of tools for faster and more efficient repeat jobs
Our machines:
  • (2) Heidelberg Dymatrix 106/113 CSB Pro for a maximum sheet size of 820 x 1130 mm
    Our Dymatrix die-cutting machines are equipped with stripping stations, removing the need for time-consuming hand stripping of waste. This helps to cut labor costs, enhance product quality and supercharges productivity. The benefits go far beyond the die-cutting process because the blanked cartons produced by the Dymatrix die-cutting machines are perfectly flat and undistorted, so on folder gluer lines they will set more quickly, run at higher speeds and perform more consistently than those broken out by hand. Extended feeder pile height (1900 mm including pallet) for extra efficiency.
    Non-stop production thanks to automatic feeders.
  • (1)  WPM 600 for a maximum sheet size of 1020 x 1420 mm  
    A large format die-cutter for processing XL sheets. Equipped with a stripping station so no need for manual blanking of die-cut individual blanks, resulting in lower labour costs.
  • (2) pile turners
    Pallets with sheets are turned and aired, aligning and separating the sheets so the die-cutting machines can run permanently at high speed and with better quality.