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Snel. Full-service outsourcing partner

Snel is a full-service outsourcing partner for the production of packaging and loyalty campaigns.

We process paper, cardboard and plastic. With our skilled staff and versatile ‘state-of-the-art’ machinery we are ready to take over production in the event of malfunctions, machine maintenance or a shortage of capacity.

For companies that consider outsourcing as an integral part of their production plan, we are a strategic partner with a structural contribution to the operating result.

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Immediate availability of expertise and qualified machines

Collaborating with Snel ensures that the right people and machines are available at the right time

The technical possibilities of cardboard packaging are endless. Production often requires special parts, peripherals, or a new machine. Long-term commitments are rare in the packaging market. As a result of this, the capacity for recovering investments is uncertain.

In addition, machine performance depends heavily on the operators. Their skills and commitment have a direct impact on performance and therefore on competitiveness. Continuity is also a prerequisite for achieving and maintaining the skills level in the organisation.


Improved efficiency and flexibility for your production organisation

Snel will make you stronger

The lead time of a production organisation increases exponentially as capacity utilisation increases. 90% utilisation leads to a doubling of the lead time compared to 80% utilisation. The costs involved in rush orders, interrupting and restarting work, overtime, extra required space, complaints, rescheduling, work in hand, operating costs, etc. are considerable, and are often hidden. This puts pressure on delivery time and reliability, as well as on quality.

Outsourcing of production provides insight into the process and cost reduction in the own organisation. Customer satisfaction will increase instead of decrease. This also applies to competitiveness and the final result.


Lower maintenance costs for machines and for your organisation

Snel takes care of the costs and worries.

Machines require repairs and maintenance, often to be carried out by third parties. This is not only expensive; it also makes production (and therefore delivery reliability) dependant on the (ad hoc) availability of these third parties.

Your organisation also requires maintenance. Recruitment and selection, training and outflow of staff are costly aspects of running a business. Working overtime and using temporary staff are often necessary to adapt the production capacity to market fluctuations. The costs are considerable and often hidden, especially when the indirect consequences (quality, absenteeism, etc.) are taken into account.


Lower investment pressure and lower fixed costs

Making costs more flexible is a proven success factor. With Snel you can activate this formula.

The optimum machine and production capacity is highly variable. Market conditions and customer preferences are constantly changing.

Investments require financial resources, funded either with equity capital or borrowed capital. These funds are then no longer available for innovation or other activities to boost the company’s turnover.

Machine capacity also leads to higher fixed costs. For many companies, these fixed costs make the difference in the long term.

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Snel BV 50th anniversary!
Snel BV 50th anniversary!

From June 27 to 29 we extensively celebrated Snel’s 50th anniversary. On Friday, June 28, we opened our doors to all relations. Preceded by the General Members’ Meeting of the Folding Cardboard Platform, Mike Turner, Director of the European Carton Makers Association, then extensively informed the guests about future changes in the field of European…

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AA+ rating renewed
AA+ rating renewed

Our clients rely on the maximum quality and food safety of the packaging to be produced by Snel. This is guaranteed by the BRC certification, with the AA+ qualification showing that we take this very seriously, day by day. After an unannounced audit on November 27 and 28, it was confirmed once again that we…

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New website
New website

The Snel website has been thoroughly updated and is now completely in line again with modern times. It offers visitors a complete information about the services we provide.

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