S+N+E=L. Our Philosophy

S+N+E=L is our corporate philosophy. The ‘S’ firstly stands for Safe, as safety is our top priority. Secondly the ‘S’ stands for ‘Schoon’, which is Clean/Hygienic in Dutch. A BRCGS-certified quality management system has been in place at Snel since 2006, in which we strive for the highest achievable result, day by day. The AA+ score in the annual unannounced audit underlines this commitment.

When safety and hygiene are guaranteed, our first focus is on the ‘N’ of ‘Nauwkeurigheid’ which is the Dutch word for Accuracy or Quality. Each shift has quality assurance officers who monitor the quality of our work and whose permission is required for releasing machines, after they have been set up for a new production run. They also take care of the sampling during production. Our machines are equipped with all technical aids to support quality assurance, such as adhesive detection equipment and code readers.

Only when the lights are green for safety, hygiene and quality, the focus shifts to the ‘E’ of Efficiency. Naturally, we strive to offer our customers a maximum price/quality ratio, so optimum machine utilization, set-up time and production speed is our goal for every order. Each operator can call on a colleague or a foreman for extra expertise.

When all factors are completed, we will achieve our business goals, such as:

  • Leadership in Quality Management
  • Long-term cooperation
  • Leadership in craftmanship
  • Loyal customers 
  • Etc.

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